CBI Group, Inc. candidates are architects and engineers who are generally employed. However they are individuals with professional skill sets and design experience sought by our clients. Though most of our candidates are not proactively looking for a new job, they are open to a new opportunity if it fulfills one of their career visions. Our goal is to match candidates with one of our many quality clients. There is no fee for any candidates contemplating or making a career change.

Our goal is to match professional candidates with quality clients. 

If you have been contacted by CBI Group, Inc., you may have specialized qualifications to fit the needs of one of our clients. We will attempt to set up a call after hours, to determine if based on a better career path you could seriously consider a fresh opportunity with one of our clients.

Perhaps you are a professional in the Architectural Engineering field and you are simply curious about other opportunities within your field. CBI Group, Inc. is very interested in cultivating a relationship with you as well. We are always aware of  architectural and engineering firms searching for key individuals.