CBI Group, Inc. has an extensive network of relationships with Architectural Engineering industry decision makers. Therefore we are uniquely qualified to represent sellers in searching for candidate firms, and facilitating merger discussions.


We also have extensive experience with Seller Representation. We pre-qualify potential buyers and help the seller develop successful strategies for negotiations


- Determine criteria for selecting prospective buyers 
- Searching and Identifying potential buyers 
- Developing and implementing strategies
- Leading discussions and negotiating acquisition terms with prospective buyers 

- Provide HR staffing - Architectural Engineers 

CBI Group, Inc. maintains active contact with Architectural Engineering firms interested in merging, purchasing or selling. With over 30 years of industry experience, we are confident sellers and buyers will benefit from our M&A strategies.

Whether you are looking to acquire a business in the Architectural Engineering Building Design Industry or you are looking for a merger for your company, CBI Group, Inc. is a great place to start. To get started, click here to contact us online and become a CBI Group, Inc. success story.

"Sellers and Buyers put their businesses in our hands. At CBI Group, Inc. our responsibility is to reward that trust with determination, commitment and results."