about us

CBI Group, Inc. is a professional search and recruiting firm serving the Architectural Engineering Industry since 1983. We are engaged by A/E, MEP and Structural Engineering firms of all sizes, nationwide. As specialists in this industry, CBI Group, Inc. efficiently connects our clients with candidates that have the correct experience in their disciplines. We consistently improve the quality of our client's professional staff.

CBI Group, Inc. prides itself on being aware of quality Architectural and Engineering opportunities across the nation. Thus, we can be a tremendous resource for talented A/E professionals that wish to explore a fresh career opportunity.

In addition to professional search and recruiting, CBI Group, Inc. also specializes in business mergers and acquisitions within the Architectural Engineering-Building Design Industry. Collaboration is one of our founding tenets, emphasizing a team effort with the seller and buyer, relying on all available resources in order to achieve a successful acquisition.